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the animistic religion of northern Asia, embracing a belief in powerful spirits that can be influenced only by shamans.
any similar religion.
the religion of certain peoples of northern Asia, based on the belief that the world is pervaded by good and evil spirits who can be influenced or controlled only by the shamans
any similar religion involving forms of spiritualism


Read Also:

  • Shamash

    noun 1. the sun god of Assyria and Babylonia

  • Shamateur

    noun 1. a sportsperson who is officially an amateur but accepts payment

  • Shamba

    noun 1. (in E Africa) any field used for growing crops

  • Shambhala

    noun the heart chakra and the symbol for mind; also, buddha-nature and basic human wisdom Word Origin the name of a mythical sacred place, thought to be between the Gobi Desert and the Himalayas

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