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a musical note in which the degree of the scale is indicated by the shape of the note’s head.


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  • Shape-note singing

    [sheyp-noht] /ˈʃeɪpˌnoʊt/ noun 1. a traditional style of a capella singing using shape-note notation.

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    noun a poem written so the lines form a physical pattern, usu. related to the subject of the poem; also called concrete poem , visual poem Examples A concrete or shape poem is a poem that forms a picture of the topic or follows the contours of a shape that is suggested by the topic. […]

  • Shape poetry

    noun See shape poem

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    noun 1. a person or thing that shapes. 2. a machine tool for forming flat surfaces, consisting of a frame, usually horizontal, on which the work is held while a cutting tool moves along it with a reciprocating motion. Compare planer (def 2). 3. (in woodworking) a stationary power tool driving a vertical spindle to […]

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