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Share market

noun (Austral & NZ)

a highly organized market facilitating the purchase and sale of securities and operated by professional stockbrokers and market makers according to fixed rules
a place where securities are regularly traded
(as modifier): a share-market speculator

the prices or trading activity of a share market: the share market is buoyant


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  • Share-milker

    noun 1. (in New Zealand) a person who lives on a dairy farm milking the owner’s herd for an agreed share of the profits and, usually, building his own herd simultaneously

  • Share of voice

    noun 1. the proportion of the total audience or readership commanded by a media group across its full range of publishing and broadcasting activities

  • Share option

    noun 1. a scheme giving employees an option to buy shares in the company for which they work at a favourable price or discount

  • Share premium

    noun 1. (Brit) the excess of the amount actually subscribed for an issue of corporate capital over its par value Also called (esp US) capital surplus

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