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Shark net

noun (mainly Austral)
a net for catching sharks
a long piece of netting strung across a bay, inlet, etc, to exclude sharks


Read Also:

  • Shark patrol

    noun 1. (mainly Austral) a watch for sharks kept by an aircraft flying over beaches used by swimmers

  • Shark-repellent

    noun 1. any tactic used by a corporation to prevent a takeover by a corporate raider.

  • Shark siren

    noun 1. (mainly Austral) a siren sounded to warn swimmers of the presence of sharks

  • Sharkskin

    noun 1. a smooth fabric of acetate or rayon with a dull or chalklike appearance, for apparel. 2. a fine worsted fabric in twill weave, compact in texture and light to medium in weight, for suits. noun 1. a smooth glossy fabric of acetate rayon, used for sportswear, etc

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