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cut so as to have a sharp edge:
a tool with a sharp-cut blade.
distinctly outlined; clearly defined.


Read Also:

  • Sharp-eared

    adjective 1. having pointed ears. 2. having keen hearing.

  • Sharped

    adjective, sharper, sharpest. 1. having a thin cutting edge or a fine point; well-adapted for cutting or piercing: a sharp knife. 2. terminating in an edge or point; not blunt or rounded: The table had sharp corners. 3. involving a sudden or abrupt change in direction or course: a sharp curve in the road; The […]

  • Sharp-edged

    adjective 1. having a fine edge or edges. 2. acute and caustic: a sharp-edged wit.

  • Shar-Pei

    noun 1. one of a Chinese breed of large muscular dogs having a distinctive wrinkly skin covered by a fawn to dark brown smooth coat, originally developed as a guard dog.

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