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having keen sight or perception.
having very good eyesight
observant or alert


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  • Sharpey-schafer

    Sharpey-Schafer Shar·pey-Scha·fer (shär’pē-shā’fər), Sir Edward. 1850-1935. British physiologist known for his research on endocrinology, particularly for discovering (1894) the effects of the hormone epinephrine.

  • Sharp-focus realism

    or Sharp-Focus Realism [shahrp-foh-kuh s] /ˈʃɑrpˌfoʊ kəs/ noun 1. photorealism.

  • Sharp-freeze

    [shahrp-freez] /ˈʃɑrpˈfriz/ verb (used with object), sharp-froze, sharp-frozen, sharp-freezing. 1. quick-freeze.

  • Sharpie

    noun 1. sharper. 2. a very alert person. 3. Slang. an ostentatiously stylish person. noun 1. (Austral) a member of a teenage group having short hair and distinctive clothes Compare skinhead noun 1. trademark a type of permanent marker shark

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