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[shahrp-wit-id] /ˈʃɑrpˈwɪt ɪd/
having or showing mental acuity; intellectually discerning; acute.
having or showing a keen intelligence; perceptive


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    noun, plural sharpies. 1. sharpie. noun 1. sharper. 2. a very alert person. 3. Slang. an ostentatiously stylish person. noun 1. (Austral) a member of a teenage group having short hair and distinctive clothes Compare skinhead noun 1. trademark a type of permanent marker shark

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    noun, plural Sharras (especially collectively) Sharra. 1. a member of a Mongol people inhabiting Outer Mongolia. 2. the language of the Sharras.

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    noun 1. a female given name, form of Sharon.

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