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a short, cylindrical brush with long, soft, bristles, used in lathering the face before shaving.


Read Also:

  • Shaving-cream

    noun 1. a preparation, as of soap and free fatty acid, that is lathered and applied to the face to soften and condition the beard for shaving.

  • Shaving-horse

    noun, Carpentry. 1. a trestle for supporting and steadying a piece of work being shaved.

  • Shaving-soap

    noun 1. a special soap for lathering the face to soften and condition the beard for shaving, capable of producing a thick lather due to its high fat content and low alkalinity.

  • Shavsha

    (“Seraiah,” 2 Sam. 8:17; “Shisha,” 1 Kings 4:3), one of David’s secretaries (1 Chr. 18:16).

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