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She can sit on my face anytime

sharp as a tack


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  • Shechem

    noun 1. a town of ancient Palestine, near the city of Samaria; occupied by Israel 1967–96; since 1996 under Palestinian self-rule: first capital of the northern kingdom of Israel. noun 1. the ancient name of Nablus shoulder. (1.) The son of Hamor the Hivite (Gen. 33:19; 34). (2.) A descendant of Manasseh (Num. 26:31; Josh. […]

  • She-chi

    noun 1. (in popular Chinese religion) the gods of the earth and the harvest.

  • Shechina

    noun (Judaism) 1. the radiance in which God’s immanent presence in the midst of his people, esp in the Temple, is visibly manifested 2. the divine presence itself as contrasted with the divine transcendence

  • Shaviana

    plural noun 1. collected items pertaining to George Bernard Shaw.

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