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Shear strain

shear strain or shearing strain
See under strain.


Read Also:

  • Shear strength

    noun 1. the degree to which a material or bond is able to resist shear

  • Shear-stress

    or shearing stress noun, Physics. 1. the external force acting on an object or surface parallel to the slope or plane in which it lies; the stress tending to produce shear. shear stress noun 1. the form of stress in a body, part, etc, that tends to produce cutting rather than stretching or bending shear […]

  • Shear stud

    noun 1. a stud that transfers shear stress between metal and concrete in composite structural members in which the stud is welded to the metal component

  • Shear-transformation

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a map of a coordinate space in which one coordinate is held fixed and the other coordinate or coordinates are shifted.

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