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Shearing shed

(NZ) a farm building equipped with power machinery for sheepshearing and equipment for baling wool Also called woolshed


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  • Shearing-stress

    noun, Physics. 1. a coefficient of elasticity of a substance, expressing the ratio between the force per unit area (shearing stress) that laterally deforms the substance and the shear (shearing strain) that is produced by this force. shear stress or shearing stress noun, Physics. 1. the external force acting on an object or surface parallel […]

  • Shear-jashub

    a remnant shall escape or return (i.e., to God), a symbolical name which the prophet Isaiah gave to his son (Isa. 7:3), perhaps his eldest son.

  • Shearlegs

    noun 1. a variant spelling of sheerlegs

  • Shear-legs

    noun, (usually used with a plural verb) 1. shear (def 16).

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