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a slender weed, Rumex acetosella, of the buckwheat family, found in poor, dry soils, having arrow-shaped leaves with an acid taste.
sheep sorrel
a polygonaceous plant, Rumex acetosella, of the N hemisphere, having slightly bitter-tasting leaves and small reddish flowers


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  • Sheep station

    noun 1. (Austral & NZ) a large sheep farm Also called run

  • Sheepswool-sponge

    [sheeps-woo l] /ˈʃipsˌwʊl/ noun 1. wool sponge.

  • Sheeptick

    noun 1. a wingless, bloodsucking, dipterous insect, Melophagus ovinus, that is parasitic on sheep.

  • Sheepwalk

    noun, British. 1. a tract of land on which sheep are pastured. noun 1. (mainly Brit) a tract of land for grazing sheep

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