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[sheep-bak] /ˈʃipˌbæk/
noun, Geology.
roche moutonnée.


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  • Sheepberry

    noun, plural sheepberries. 1. a North American shrub or small tree, Viburnum lentago, of the honeysuckle family, having flat-topped clusters of small white flowers and edible, berrylike black drupes. 2. the fruit itself.

  • Sheepcote

    noun, Chiefly British. 1. a pen or covered enclosure for sheep. noun 1. (mainly Brit) another word for sheepfold

  • Sheep-dip

    noun 1. a lotion or wash applied to the fleece or skin of sheep to kill vermin, usually applied by immersing the animals in vats. noun 1. any of several liquid disinfectants and insecticides in which sheep are immersed to kill vermin and germs in their fleece 2. a deep trough containing such a liquid

  • Sheepdog

    noun 1. a dog trained to herd and guard sheep. noun 1. Also called shepherd dog. a dog used for herding sheep See Border collie 2. any of various breeds of dog reared originally for herding sheep See Old English sheepdog, Shetland sheepdog

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