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noun, plural sheepmen
[sheep-muh n, -men] /ˈʃip mən, -ˌmɛn/ (Show IPA)
a person engaged in the tending or breeding of sheep, especially the owner of a sheep ranch.
a shepherd.


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  • Sheep-market

    occurs only in John 5:2 (marg., also R.V., “sheep-gate”). The word so rendered is an adjective, and it is uncertain whether the noun to be supplied should be “gate” or, following the Vulgate Version, “pool.”

  • Sheepo

    noun (NZ) (pl) sheepos 1. a person employed to bring sheep to the catching pen in a shearing shed

  • Sheep race

    noun 1. (NZ) a single-file walkway for sheep at the entrance to a sheep-dip

  • Sheepshank

    noun 1. a kind of knot, hitch, or bend made on a rope to shorten it temporarily. noun 1. a knot consisting of two hitches at the ends of a bight made in a rope to shorten it temporarily

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