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metal in sheets or thin plates.
metal in the form of a sheet, the thickness being intermediate between that of plate and that of foil


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  • Sheet-music

    noun 1. music printed on unbound sheets of paper. noun 1. the printed or written copy of a short composition or piece, esp in the form of unbound leaves 2. music in its written or printed form

  • Sheet-pile

    noun 1. one of a number of piles, usually flat, driven side by side to retain earth, etc., or to prevent seepage into an excavation. noun 1. (civil engineering) one of a group of piles made of timber, steel, or prestressed concrete set close together to resist lateral pressure, as from earth or water Compare […]

  • Sheetrock

    Trademark. 1. a brand name for a plasterboard of gypsum between paper.

  • Sheet-web weaver

    [sheet-web] /ˈʃitˌwɛb/ noun 1. any of numerous spiders of the family Linyphiidae, characterized by a closely woven, sheetlike web.

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