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the land or territory under the control of a sheik.
the territory ruled by a sheikh


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  • Sheila

    noun, Australian Slang. 1. a girl or young woman. noun 1. a female given name, form of Celia. noun 1. (Austral & NZ, old-fashioned) an informal word for girl, woman

  • Sheisty

    adjective suspicious, shady; sneaky; also written shiesty , shysty Examples He’s a sheisty guy. Word Origin 1993; fr shyster Usage Note slang sheik

  • Sheitan

    noun 1. Ash-Shaytān.

  • Sheitel

    noun, plural sheitlen [sheyt-luh n] /ˈʃeɪt lən/ (Show IPA). Yiddish. 1. a wig worn by certain Orthodox Jewish married women in keeping with an old rabbinical precept that forbids a woman to leave her hair uncovered in the sight of a man other than her husband.

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