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paper used for covering shelves, especially those of a cupboard or kitchen cabinet.


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  • Shelf-stable

    adjective pertaining to preserved food which is able to be stored at room temperature for long periods Examples There a re quality issues for shelf-stable foods.

  • Shelf-stacker

    noun 1. a person whose job is to fill the shelves and displays in a supermarket or other shop with goods for sale

  • Shelf-talker

    noun 1. a cardboard, paper, or plastic advertisement of a product designed to be attached to a shelf on which the product is exhibited for sale.

  • Shelfware

    noun, Informal. 1. Computers. software or hardware that remains unsold, unused, or underused: shelfware as part of a bundled license deal. 2. ideas or findings that are not used or acted upon: The results of your market research can quickly become shelfware. jargon /shelfweir/ Software which is never used and so ends up on the […]

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