Sheltered housing

accommodation designed esp for the elderly or infirm consisting of a group of individual premises, often with some shared facilities and a caretaker Also called sheltered accommodation, sheltered homes

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  • Sheltered-workshop

    noun 1. a place of employment for persons with disabilities where their rights are protected and their needs are met.

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    noun 1. spendthrift trust. spendthrift trust noun, Law. 1. a trust that provides a fund for a beneficiary, as a minor, with the title vested so that the fund or its income cannot be claimed by others, as creditors of the beneficiary.

  • Shelterless

    noun 1. something beneath, behind, or within which a person, animal, or thing is protected from storms, missiles, adverse conditions, etc.; refuge. 2. the protection or refuge afforded by such a thing: He took shelter in a nearby barn. 3. protection from blame, incrimination, etc. 4. a dwelling place or home considered as a refuge […]

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