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most high name. (1.) A Levite in the reign of Jehoshaphat (2 Chr. 17:8). (2.) A Levite in David’s time (1 Chr. 15:18, 20).


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  • Shemite

    noun 1. a Semite. noun 1. another word for Semite

  • Shemitic

    noun 1. a Semite. noun, adjective 1. another word for Semitic noun 1. another word for Semite

  • Shemona esrei

    /ʃəməˈna ɛsˈreɪ; Yiddish ˈʃmonə ˈɛsreɪ/ noun 1. (Judaism) another name for Amidah

  • Shemoneh-esreh

    [Ashkenazic Hebrew shuh-moh-nuh es-rey; Sephardic Hebrew shuh-moh-ne es-rey] /Ashkenazic Hebrew ʃəˈmoʊ nə ˈɛs reɪ; Sephardic Hebrew ʃə moʊˈnɛ ɛsˈreɪ/ noun, Judaism. 1. the Amidah, consisting of 19 blessings, recited on days other than the Sabbath and holy days.

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