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shekel (def 1).


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  • Sher

    noun 1. Sir Antony. born 1953, British actor and writer, born in South Africa

  • Sherang

    noun 1. (Austral & NZ) head sherang, the boss; person in authority: who is the head sherang around here?

  • Sherardize

    verb (used with object), sherardized, sherardizing. Metallurgy. 1. to coat (steel) with a thin cladding of zinc by heating in a mixture of sand and powdered zinc. verb 1. (metallurgy) to coat (iron or steel) with zinc by heating in a container with zinc dust or (of iron or steel) to be coated in this […]

  • Sheraton

    noun 1. Thomas, 1751–1806, English cabinetmaker and furniture designer. adjective 2. of the style of furniture designed by Sheraton. noun 1. Thomas. 1751–1806, English furniture maker, author of the influential Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer’s Drawing Book (1791) adjective 1. denoting furniture made by or in the style of Thomas Sheraton

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