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an attendant who carries the shield or arms of a warrior.


Read Also:

  • Shield bug

    noun 1. any shield-shaped herbivorous heteropterous insect of the superfamily Pentamoidea, esp any of the family Pentatomidae Also called stink bug

  • Shield cricket

    noun 1. (Austral) the interstate cricket competition held for the Sheffield Shield

  • Shielded twisted pair

    hardware (STP) A kind of cable used for most Ethernet cabling, especially fast ethernet connections such as 100 Mbps. Compare: unshielded twisted pair. (1999-11-15)

  • Shield-fern

    noun 1. any of numerous ferns of the genera Dryopteris and Polystichum, having shield-shaped indusia. noun 1. any temperate woodland fern of the genus Polystichum having shield-shaped flaps covering the spore-producing bodies: family Aspleniaceae

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