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able or designed to be shifted, changed, or removed:
shiftable furniture.
able to be transferred from one owner to another:
shiftable stocks and bonds.


Read Also:

  • Shift-bid

    noun, Bridge. 1. a bid in a suit different from the suit just bid by one’s partner.

  • Shifter

    noun 1. a person or thing that shifts. 2. Informal. shift lever.

  • Shift for oneself

    Also, fend for oneself. Provide for one’s own needs, as in Don’t worry about Anne; she’s very good at shifting for herself, or The children had to fend for themselves after school. The first term, using shift in the now obsolete sense of “manage,” was first recorded about 1513; the variant, using fend for in […]

  • Shift in

    character (SI, Control-O, ASCII 15) The character used on some ancient teletypes to start using an alternative character set. (1996-06-24)

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