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a vessel, especially a large oceangoing one propelled by sails or engines.

a sailing vessel square-rigged on all of three or more masts, having jibs, staysails, and a spanker on the aftermost mast.
Now Rare. a bark having more than three masts.
Compare shipentine.

the crew and, sometimes, the passengers of a vessel:
The captain gave the ship shore leave.
an airship, airplane, or spacecraft.
verb (used with object), shipped, shipping.
to put or take on board a ship or other means of transportation; to send or transport by ship, rail, truck, plane, etc.
Nautical. to take in (water) over the side, as a vessel does when waves break over it.
to bring (an object) into a ship or boat.
to engage (someone) for service on a ship.
to fix in a ship or boat in the proper place for use.
to place (an oar) in proper position for rowing.
Compare boat (def 10).
to send away:
They shipped the kids off to camp for the summer.
verb (used without object), shipped, shipping.
to go on board or travel by ship; embark.
to engage to serve on a ship.
Verb phrases
ship out,

to leave, especially for another country or assignment:
He said goodby to his family and shipped out for the West Indies.
to send away, especially to another country or assignment.
Informal. to quit, resign, or be fired from a job:
Shape up or ship out!

jump ship,

to escape from a ship, especially one in foreign waters or a foreign port, as to avoid further service as a sailor or to request political asylum.
to withdraw support or membership from a group, organization, cause, etc.; defect or desert:
Some of the more liberal members have jumped ship.

run a tight ship, to exercise a close, strict control over a ship’s crew, a company, organization, or the like.
when one’s ship comes in / home, when one’s fortune is assured:
She’ll buy a car as soon as her ship comes in.
a romantic relationship between fictional characters, especially one that people discuss, write about, or take an interest in, whether or not the romance actually exists in the original book, show, etc.:
popular ships in fan fiction.
verb (used with or without object), shipped, shipping.
to discuss, write about, or take an interest in a romantic relationship between (fictional characters):
I’m shipping for those guys—they would make a great couple!
a vessel propelled by engines or sails for navigating on the water, esp a large vessel that cannot be carried aboard another, as distinguished from a boat
(nautical) a large sailing vessel with three or more square-rigged masts
the crew of a ship
short for airship, spaceship
(informal) any vehicle or conveyance
when one’s ship comes in, when one has become successful or wealthy
verb ships, shipping, shipped
to place, transport, or travel on any conveyance, esp aboard a ship: ship the microscopes by aeroplane, can we ship tomorrow?
(transitive) (nautical) to take (water) over the side
to bring or go aboard a vessel: to ship oars
(informal) (transitive) often foll by off. to send away, often in order to be rid of: they shipped the children off to boarding school
(intransitive) to engage to serve aboard a ship: I shipped aboard a Liverpool liner
(informal) (transitive) to concede (a goal): Celtic have shipped eight goals in three away matches


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