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the area alongside a ship, as on a pier.


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  • Ships that pass in the night

    ships that pass in the night definition Often said of people who meet for a brief but intense moment and then part, never to see each other again. These people are like two ships that greet each other with flashing lights and then sail off into the night. From a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. […]

  • Shipt.

    shipt. shipment

  • Shipway

    noun 1. the structure that supports a ship being built. 2. a ship canal. noun 1. the structure on which a vessel is built, then launched 2. a canal used by ships

  • Shipworm

    noun 1. any of various wormlike marine bivalve mollusks that burrow into the timbers of ship, wharves, etc. noun 1. any wormlike marine bivalve mollusc of the genus Teredo and related genera and family Teredinidae. They bore into wooden piers, ships, etc, by means of drill-like shell valves See also piddock

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