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Shit hit the fan

(SHTF) A slang expression for a chaotic or otherwise unfavourable outcome.


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  • Shoat

    noun 1. Also, shote. a young, weaned pig. 2. geep. noun 1. a piglet that has recently been weaned

  • Shobab

    apostate. (1.) One of David’s sons by Bathseheba (2 Sam. 5:14). (2.) One of the sons of Caleb (1 Chr. 2:18), the son of Hezron.

  • Shobach

    poured out, the “captain of the host of Hadarezer” when he mustered his vassals and tributaries from beyond “the river Euphrates” (2 Sam. 10:15-18); called also Shophach (1 Chr. 19:16).

  • Shobai

    captors (Ezra 2:42).

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