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verb (intransitive)
(slang) to make trouble


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    noun, plural shittim [shit-im] /ˈʃɪt ɪm/ (Show IPA), shittahs. 1. a tree, said to be an acacia, probably Acacia seyal, that yielded the shittim wood of the Old Testament. noun (pl) shittim (ˈʃɪtɪm), shittahs 1. a tree mentioned in the Old Testament, thought to be either of two Asian acacias, Acacia seyal or A. tortilis, […]

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    (Isa. 41:19; R.V., “acacia tree”). Shittah wood was employed in making the various parts of the tabernacle in the wilderness, and must therefore have been indigenous in the desert in which the Israelites wandered. It was the acacia or mimosa (Acacia Nilotica and A. seyal). “The wild acacia (Mimosa Nilotica), under the name of _sunt_, […]

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