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[shok-ri-zis-tuh nt] /ˈʃɒk rɪˌzɪs tənt/
strong or resilient enough to sustain minor impacts without damage to the internal mechanism:
a shock-resistant watch.


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  • Shock rock

    noun a type of rock music intended to be shocking, esp. in a violent or overly sexual performance Word Origin 1970 Usage Note shock rocker, n

  • Shockstall

    noun 1. the loss of lift and increase of drag experienced by transonic aircraft when strong shock waves on the wings cause the airflow to separate from the wing surfaces

  • Shock-test

    verb (used with object) 1. to test (equipment or matériel) for resistance to sudden impact or stress.

  • Shock-troops

    plural noun, Military. 1. troops especially selected, trained, and equipped for engaging in assault. shock troops plural noun 1. soldiers specially trained and equipped to carry out an assault

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