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to play a musical instrument while looking at one’s shoes, esp. a guitar


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  • Shoegazer

    noun See shoegazing

  • Shoegazing

    noun a type of alternative rock using distortion, fuzzbox, droning guitar riffs, and subdued vocals Examples Shoegazing gets its name from the static performers who play it. Word Origin 1988 Usage Note also shoegazer , (n.)

  • Shoehorn

    noun 1. a shaped piece of horn, metal, or the like, inserted in the heel of a shoe to make it slip on more easily. verb (used with object) 2. to force into a limited or tight space: Can you shoehorn four of us into the back seat of your car? noun 1. a smooth […]

  • Shoelace

    noun 1. a string or lace for fastening a shoe. noun 1. a cord or lace for fastening shoes

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