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Shop around

verb (intransitive, adverb) (informal)
to visit a number of shops or stores to compare goods and prices
to consider a number of possibilities before making a choice
Look for the best bargain, opportunity, or the like, as in This job offers only minimum wage so she decided to shop around for one with better pay. This expression alludes to looking in different stores in search of bargains or a particular item. [ c. 1920 ]
Look for a buyer for, offer for sale to various parties, as in The company is now being actively shopped around. [ Second half of 1900s ]


Read Also:

  • Shop-assistant

    noun, British. 1. a store clerk. shop assistant noun 1. a person who serves in a shop

  • Shopbot

    noun 1. a website that offers price comparisons for particular products World-Wide Web A kind of bot that searches the World-Wide Web to find the best price for a product you’re looking for. [Examples?] (1999-06-19)

  • Shop-chairman

    noun 1. shop steward. shop steward noun 1. a unionized employee elected to represent a shop, department, or the like, in dealings with an employer. shop steward noun 1. a coworker elected by trade union members to represent them in discussions and negotiations with the management

  • Shopcraft

    noun 1. any of various skilled trades involving maintenance or repair work, as metalworking or boilermaking, especially in the railroad industry. 2. the members of any such trade.

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