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a unionized employee elected to represent a shop, department, or the like, in dealings with an employer.
shop steward
a coworker elected by trade union members to represent them in discussions and negotiations with the management


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  • Shoptalk

    noun 1. the specialized vocabulary having to do with work or a field of work: I don’t understand electronics shoptalk. 2. talk about one’s work or occupation, especially after the workday is over. noun 1. conversation concerning one’s work, esp when carried on outside business hours

  • Shopwalker

    noun, British. 1. a floorwalker. noun 1. (Brit) a person employed by a departmental store to supervise sales personnel, assist customers, etc US equivalent floorwalker

  • Shopwindow

    noun 1. a window used for display of merchandise.

  • Shopworn

    adjective 1. worn or marred, as goods exposed and handled in a store. 2. trite; hackneyed. adjective 1. the US word for shopsoiled

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