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a person who shops.
comparison shopper.
a retail buyer for another person or a business concern.
a locally distributed newspaper of retail advertisements.
a person who buys goods in a shop


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  • Shopping

    noun 1. the act of a person who shops. 2. the facilities or merchandise available to those who shop: Chicago has good shopping. adjective 3. of, for, or pertaining to examining and buying merchandise: a shopping trip. noun 1. a retail store, especially a small one. 2. a small store or department in a large […]

  • Shopping-bag

    noun 1. a strong, usually paper or plastic, bag with handles, used to carry purchases or belongings.

  • Shopping-bag lady

    [shop-ing-bag] /ˈʃɒp ɪŋˌbæg/ noun 1. bag lady (def 1). bag lady

  • Shopping basket

    noun 1. a metal or plastic container with one or two handles, used to carry shopping in a shop 2. the list of items an internet shopper chooses to buy at one time from a website

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