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a meal consisting chiefly of seafood.


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  • Shore-fly

    noun 1. any of numerous small black flies of the family Ephydridae, found in damp or marshy locations.

  • Shorefront

    noun 1. land along a shore. adjective 2. located on such land: shorefront cottages.

  • Shore-leave

    noun, Navy. 1. permission to spend time ashore, usually 48 hours or more, granted a member of a ship’s company. 2. the time spent ashore during such leave. noun (navy) 1. permission to go ashore Compare liberty (sense 5) 2. time spent ashore during leave

  • Shoreless

    adjective 1. limitless; boundless. 2. without a shore or beach suitable for landing: a shoreless island. adjective 1. without a shore suitable for landing 2. (poetic) boundless; vast: the shoreless wastes

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