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verb (used with object), short-cut, short-cutting.
to cause to be shortened by the use of a shortcut.
verb (used without object), short-cut, short-cutting.
to use or take a shortcut.


Read Also:

  • Short-dated

    adjective 1. (of a gilt-edged security) having less than five years to run before redemption Compare medium-dated, long-dated

  • Short-day plant

    short-day plant A plant that flowers only after being exposed to light periods shorter than a certain critical length, as in early spring or fall. Chrysanthemums and strawberries are short-day plants. Compare day-neutral plant, long-day plant. See more at photoperiodism.

  • Short-division

    noun, Mathematics. 1. division, especially by a one-digit divisor, in which the steps of the process are performed mentally and are not written down. short division noun 1. the division of numbers, usually integers, that can be worked out mentally rather than on paper

  • Short-eared owl

    [shawrt-eerd] /ˈʃɔrtˌɪərd/ noun 1. a streaked, buffy brown, cosmopolitan owl, Asio flammeus, having very short tufts of feathers on each side of the head.

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