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verb (used with object)
to put on a short list.
a list of those people or items preferred or most likely to be chosen, as winnowed from a longer list of possibilities.
a list of suitable applicants for a job, post, etc, from which the successful candidate will be selected
verb (transitive)
to put (someone) on a short list


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  • Short-lived

    adjective 1. living or lasting only a little while. adjective 1. living or lasting only for a short time

  • Shortly

    adverb 1. in a short time; soon. 2. briefly; concisely. 3. curtly; rudely. adverb 1. in a short time; soon 2. in a few words; briefly 3. in a curt or rude manner

  • Short message service

    messaging (SMS) A message service offered by the GSM digital cellular telephone system. Using SMS, a short alphanumeric message (160 alphanumeric characters) can be sent to a mobile phone to be displayed there, much like in an alphanumeric pager system. The message is buffered by the GSM network until the phone becomes active. (1996-02-18)

  • Short money

    noun 1. (in Britain) the annual payment made to Opposition parties in the House of Commons to help them pay for certain services necessary to the carrying out of their parliamentary duties; established in 1975 Compare Cranborne money

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