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[shawrt-wey-stid] /ˈʃɔrtˈweɪ stɪd/
of less than average length between the shoulders and waistline; having a high waistline.
unusually short from the shoulders to the waist


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  • Shortwall

    adjective, Mining. 1. pertaining to a means of extracting coal when the working face is about a third the length of the longwall system and mining is done by a continuous cutter rather than by longwall machinery.

  • Short-wave

    noun 1. Electricity. a radio wave, shorter than that used in AM broadcasting, corresponding to frequencies of over 1600 kilohertz: used for long-distance reception or transmission. 2. shortwave radio. 3. Physics. a wave of electromagnetic radiation equal in length to, or shorter than, the wavelength of visible light. adjective 4. of, relating to, or using […]

  • Shortwave diathermy

    shortwave diathermy short·wave diathermy (shôrt’wāv’) n. The therapeutic elevation of temperature in the tissues by means of an oscillating electric current of extremely high frequency.

  • Shortwave-radio

    noun 1. a radio that transmits or receives shortwaves.

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