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a clock used in basketball games to limit to a specific length the time taken between shots.


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  • Shot-effect

    noun, Electronics. 1. random fluctuations in the emission of electrons from a hot cathode, causing a hissing or sputtering sound (shot noise) in an audio amplifier and causing snow on a television screen.

  • Shot-glass

    noun 1. a small, heavy glass for serving a shot of whiskey or liquor.

  • Shotgun

    noun 1. a smoothbore gun for firing small shots to kill birds and small quadrupeds, though often used with buckshot to kill larger animals. 2. Football. an offensive formation, designed primarily for passing situations, in which the backfield is spread out with the quarterback positioned a few yards behind the center and the other backs, […]

  • Shotgun approach

    noun the hasty use of a wide range of techniques that are nonselective and haphazard Examples She favored the shotgun approach to handling problems. shotgun 1

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