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Shoulder-hand syndrome

shoulder-hand syndrome n.
See brachial plexus neuropathy.


Read Also:

  • Shoulder-harness

    noun 1. the part of a seat belt that goes over the shoulder and diagonally across the chest.

  • Shoulder-knot

    noun 1. a knot of ribbon or lace worn on the shoulder, as by men of fashion in the 17th and 18th centuries, by servants in livery, or by women or children. 2. one of a pair of detachable ceremonial ornaments consisting of braided cord, worn on the shoulders by a commissioned officer.

  • Shoulder-loop

    noun 1. a flap on each shoulder of a service uniform on which metallic insignia of rank are worn by commissioned and warrant officers in the Army, Air Force, and Marines.

  • Shoulder-patch

    noun 1. a cloth emblem worn on the upper part of a sleeve of a uniform typically as identification of the organization to which the wearer is assigned. shoulder patch noun 1. (US, military) an emblem worn high on the arm as an insignia Also called shoulder flash

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