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Shoulder surfer

shoulda coulda woulda


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  • Shoulder surfing

    noun 1. (informal) a form of credit-card fraud in which the perpetrator stands behind and looks over the shoulder of the victim as he or she withdraws money from an automated teller machine, memorizes the card details, and later steals the card

  • Shoulder-weapon

    or shoulder gun, shoulder arm noun 1. a firearm that is fired while being held in the hands with the butt of the weapon braced against the shoulder.

  • Shouldest

    auxiliary verb, present singular 1st person shall, 2nd shall or (Archaic) shalt, 3rd shall, present plural shall; past singular 1st person should, 2nd should or (Archaic) shouldst or shouldest, 3rd should, past plural should; imperative, infinitive, and participles lacking. 1. plan to, intend to, or expect to: I shall go later. 2. will have to, […]

  • Shouldna

    Scot. 1. contraction of should not.

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