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a loud, often abusive quarrel or argument.


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  • Shouting-distance

    noun 1. hailing distance.

  • Shout-out

    noun 1. Informal. a quick public expression of thanks, admiration, etc.: I’d like to give a big shout-out to my mom who’s in the audience tonight. noun an acknowledgment, credit, or greeting given for someone during a radio or television show; a mention made to show respect Examples We’d like to give a shout-out to […]

  • Shouty

    adjective 1. (informal) characterized by or involving shouting: a shouty youth, shouty conversation

  • Shove

    verb (used with object), shoved, shoving. 1. to move along by force from behind; push. 2. to push roughly or rudely; jostle. 3. Slang: Often Vulgar. to go to hell with: Voters are telling Congress to shove its new tax plan. verb (used without object), shoved, shoving. 4. to push. noun 5. an act or […]

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