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an activity for young children, especially in school, in which each participant produces an object of unusual interest and tells something about it.
Facetious. any informative presentation or demonstration, as to introduce a new product or divulge and explain a special plan.

A visual dataflow language designed for use by elementary school children.
[“A Visual Language for Keyboardless Programming”, T. Kimura et al, TR WUCS-86-6, CS Dept Washington U, Mar 1986].
[“Show and Tell: A Visual Language”, T.D. Kimura et al in Visual Programming Environments: Paradigms and Systems, E.P. Glinert ed, IEEE Comp Sci Press, 1990, pp. 397-404].
show and tell
A public presentation or display, as in It was a terrible bore, what with their show and tell of every last detail about their trip around the world. This expression originated in the 1940s to describe a learning exercise for young children, in which each child in a group brings some object to show the others and talks about it.


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