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Show signs of

Exhibit indications or hints of, as in She definitely shows signs of accepting the appointment, or Terry’s health shows no signs of improvement. [ Late 1400s ]


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  • Show someone a good time

    Entertain someone, as in I know Aunt Dorothy will show us a good time when we visit San Francisco. This idiom uses the verb show in the sense of “accord or grant something,” a usage dating from about 1200.

  • Show someone out

    Also, show someone to the door. Escort someone who is leaving to the exit door, as in Thanks for coming; please excuse me for not showing you out, or Please show Mr. Smith to the door. [ Second half of 1700s ]

  • Show someone the ropes

    see under know the ropes

  • Showstopper

    or showstopper [shoh-stop-er] /ˈʃoʊˌstɒp ər/ noun 1. Theater. a performer or performance that wins enthusiastic or prolonged applause. 2. a spectacularly arresting or appealing person or thing: This bright plaid suit is a real show-stopper. A hardware or (especially) software bug that makes an implementation effectively unusable; one that absolutely has to be fixed before […]

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