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a display window in a store.


Read Also:

  • Showy

    adjective, showier, showiest. 1. making an imposing display: showy flowers. 2. pompous; ostentatious; gaudy. adjective showier, showiest 1. gaudy, flashy, or ostentatious 2. making a brilliant or imposing display

  • Showy-crab-apple

    noun 1. a large Japanese bush or tree, Malus floribunda, of the rose family, having red fruit and rose-colored flowers that fade to white.

  • Showy-orchis

    noun 1. a wild orchid, Orchis spectabilis, of eastern North America, having a spike of showy flowers, each with purple, pink, or white sepals and petals united into a galea and a white lip.

  • Shp

    1. shaft horsepower. shp shaft horsepower SHP Saint Helena-pound (currency)

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