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share; shares.


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  • Shraddha

    noun, Hinduism. 1. one of several funeral rites performed at intervals after a death.

  • Shrank

    verb 1. a simple past tense of shrink. verb (used without object), shrank or, often shrunk; shrunk or shrunken; shrinking. 1. to draw back, as in retreat or avoidance: to shrink from danger; to shrink from contact. 2. to contract or lessen in size, as from exposure to conditions of temperature or moisture: This cloth […]

  • Shrapnel

    noun 1. Military. a hollow projectile containing bullets or the like and a bursting charge, designed to explode before reaching the target, and to set free a shower of missiles. such projectiles collectively. 2. shell fragments. noun 1. a projectile containing a number of small pellets or bullets exploded before impact such projectiles collectively 2. […]

  • Shreading

    noun 1. furring attached to the undersides of rafters.

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