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a woody plant smaller than a tree, usually having multiple permanent stems branching from or near the ground.
any of various acidulated beverages made from the juice of fruit, sugar, and other ingredients, often including alcohol.
a woody perennial plant, smaller than a tree, with several major branches arising from near the base of the main stem
a mixed drink of rum, fruit juice, sugar, and spice
mixed fruit juice, sugar, and spice made commercially to be mixed with rum or other spirits
A woody plant that is smaller than a tree, usually having several stems rather than a single trunk; a bush.


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  • Shrubbery

    noun, plural shrubberies. 1. a planting of shrubs: He hit the croquet ball into the shrubbery. 2. shrubs collectively. noun (pl) -beries 1. a place where a number of shrubs are planted 2. shrubs collectively

  • Shrubby

    adjective, shrubbier, shrubbiest. 1. consisting of or abounding in shrubs. 2. resembling a shrub; shrublike. adjective -bier, -biest 1. consisting of, planted with, or abounding in shrubs 2. resembling a shrub

  • Shrubby-cinquefoil

    noun 1. a small shrub, Potentilla fruticosa, of the rose family, native to the Northern temperate region, having pinnate leaves and numerous, showy, bright-yellow flowers.

  • Shrub layer

    noun 1. See layer (sense 2)

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