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  • Shtetl

    noun, plural shtetlach [shtet-lahkh, -luh kh, shteyt-] /ˈʃtɛt lɑx, -ləx, ˈʃteɪt-/ (Show IPA). English, shtetls. Yiddish. 1. (formerly) a Jewish village or small-town community in eastern Europe. noun (pl) shtetlach (ˈʃtetlaːx), shtetls 1. (formerly) a small Jewish community in Eastern Europe

  • Shtf

    shit hit the fan

  • Shtg.

    1. shortage. shtg. shortage

  • Shtick

    noun, Slang. 1. (especially in comic acting) a routine or piece of business inserted to gain a laugh or draw attention to oneself. 2. one’s special interest, talent, etc. noun 1. (slang) a comedian’s routine; act; piece shuffle

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