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a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for the Xiang


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  • Siangtan

    noun 1. Older Spelling. Xiangtan. noun, Pinyin. 1. a city in E Hunan, in S China. noun 1. a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Xiangtan noun 1. a city in S central China, in NE Hunan on the Xiang River: centre of a region noted for tea production. Pop: 592 000 (2005 est)

  • Siauliai

    noun 1. a city in N Lithuania, N of Kaunas.

  • Sib

    adjective 1. related by blood; akin. noun 2. a kinsman; relative. 3. one’s kin or kindred. 4. Anthropology. a unilateral descent group. noun 1. a blood relative 2. a brother or sister; sibling 3. kinsmen collectively; kindred 4. any social unit that is bonded by kinship through one line of descent only abbreviation (in Britain) […]

  • Sibbecai

    the Lord sustains, one of David’s heroes (1 Chr. 11:29), general of the eighth division of the army (27:11). He slew the giant Saph in the battle of Gob (2 Sam. 21:18; R.V., “Sibbechai”). Called also Mebunnai (23:27).

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