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See Szechwan cuisine


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  • Sichwan pepper

    noun See Szechuan pepper

  • Sicilia

    noun 1. Italian name of Sicily. 2. an ancient name of Sicily. noun 1. the Latin and Italian name for Sicily

  • Sicilian

    noun 1. an island in the Mediterranean, constituting a region of Italy, and separated from the SW tip of the mainland by the Strait of Messina: largest island in the Mediterranean. 9924 sq. mi. (25,705 sq. km). Capital: Palermo. adjective 1. of or relating to Sicily or its inhabitants noun 2. a native or inhabitant […]

  • Siciliana

    noun, plural sicilianos. 1. a graceful folk dance of Sicily. 2. the music for this dance. noun (pl) -ianos 1. an old dance in six-beat or twelve-beat time 2. music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance

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