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Sick building


a poorly maintained, often older, office building in which the environment puts the occupants at risk for upper-respiratory conditions


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  • Sick-building-syndrome

    noun 1. an illness caused by exposure to pollutants or germs inside an airtight building. sick building syndrome noun 1. a group of symptoms, such as headaches, eye irritation, and lethargy, that may be experienced by workers in offices with limited ventilation sick building syndrome n. An illness affecting workers in office buildings, characterized by […]

  • Sick-call

    noun, Military. 1. a daily formation for those requiring medical attention. 2. the period during which this formation is held.

  • Sick-day

    noun 1. a day for which an employee will be paid while absent because of illness.

  • Sick-dog

    noun (Austral, slang) 1. a calm and unruffled person adjective 2. excellent

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