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wages or other compensation received from an employer during an illness.
wages paid to an employee while he is on sick leave


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  • Sick puppy

    noun a perverted or sadistic person Examples To watch that type of movie, you have to be one sick puppy. Usage Note slang

  • Sick role

    sick role n. The protective role given an individual who is physically or mentally ill or injured; it may be assumed by the individual or it may be imposed as a part of social custom.

  • Sickroom

    noun 1. a room in which a sick person is confined. noun 1. a room to which a person who is ill is confined 2. a room set aside, as in a school, for people who are taken ill sickroom sick·room (sĭk’rōōm’, -rum’) n. A room occupied by a sick person. sick someone on

  • Sicks

    adjective, sicker, sickest. 1. afflicted with ill health or disease; ailing. 2. affected with nausea; inclined to vomit. 3. deeply affected with some unpleasant feeling, as of sorrow, disgust, or boredom: sick at heart; to be sick of parties. 4. mentally, morally, or emotionally deranged, corrupt, or unsound: a sick mind; wild statements that made […]

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