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something that sickens or disgusts.
something that induces sickness or nausea
a bright red basidiomycetous fungus of either of two species of Russula, notably the poisonous R. emetica


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  • Sickening

    adjective 1. causing or capable of causing sickness, especially nausea, disgust, or loathing: sickening arrogance. verb (used with or without object) 1. to make or become sick. adjective 1. causing sickness or revulsion 2. (informal) extremely annoying verb 1. to make or become sick, nauseated, or disgusted 2. (intransitive) often foll by for. to show […]

  • Sicker

    adjective 1. comparative of sick1 . adjective 1. safe from danger; secure. 2. dependable; trustworthy. adverb 3. certainly; without doubt. adjective, sicker, sickest. 1. afflicted with ill health or disease; ailing. 2. affected with nausea; inclined to vomit. 3. deeply affected with some unpleasant feeling, as of sorrow, disgust, or boredom: sick at heart; to […]

  • Sickert

    noun 1. Walter Richard, 1860–1942, English painter. noun 1. Walter Richard. 1860–1942, British impressionist painter, esp of scenes of London music halls

  • Sick-headache

    noun 1. migraine. sick headache noun 1. a headache accompanied by nausea 2. a nontechnical name for migraine sick headache n. See migraine.

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